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We are an international valve and level gauge distributor specializing in the handling of severe duty applications. We are an authorized stocking distributor for Bonetti, S.p.A., valves and liquid level gauges, as well as Kerotest needle valves, monobloc insulators, steel valves, instrument manifolds and polyethylene gas valves for export markets.

With more than 30 years experience in the industrial valve market, we offer consulting services in the sizing and selection of valves for severe duty applications, including high temperature semi-metal seated ball valves for up to 1032 deg F., and valves for anti-cavitation and noise attenuation.

Our product range includes metric and Imperial dimensioned products meeting ASME, ISO-9001, DIN, API, and most internationally recognized technical standards.

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Y-Pattern Globe Valves
including Blow Down & Anti-Cavitation High Pressure Valves - Seal Welded and Bonnetless type, Stop, Piston Check, Flow Control, Stop Check, and angle pattern. Sizes ½" to 4" to ASME Class 4500 in  ASTM A105, F11, F22, F91 and 316SS and other alloys.  For larger sizes see "Other Valves" below.
Ball Valves
Full range including for High Temperature & High Pressure service requiring Bubble Tight Shut-Off and Fire Safe as per API. Available as floating and trunnion. The HTB and HTL series have semi-soft seats, for bubble tight shut off  up to 1032 deg F. and in sizes from ½" to 12" up to ASME class 1500 and are API 6FA and 602 Fire Safe.

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